why school needs a change

I’m writing this blog post in class, at my desk, in my chair, that hundreds of other students have sat in and done their own work at. See that’s the thing. Nothing has majorly changed about the classroom since the idea of school came into existence. Back when America started it was the same; a teacher would stand at the head of the room while every student would sit down, be quiet, pay attention, and write down *almost* useless information. Honestly a lot of school is good and is very important in everyday life and your career. Read this quote by Albert Einstein and think about it for a second, “Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.” Every single student that walks into the school doors is completely different than the rest. They have different interests and skills that could take them far in life if we didn’t have a school system that screwed them over. I understand it’s easier and more affordable to just teach everyone the same thing, but imagine a world were Michael Jordan failed his sophomore chemistry class (because he didn’t care or have any interest in it) and he couldn’t play basketball anymore. The entire world would be completely different and we would’ve never seen the greatest basketball player to ever play the game because of a class that he didn’t like. I GARUNTEE 100% that this has happened to some person or people out in the world who failed at something they aren’t good at or don’t care about, and we will never see what they are amazing at or even know who they are. It is honestly really sad. I think that as a solution to this problem we as a society need to prioritize the student’s interests instead of what the school thinks they should learn about. Yes I know there are electives, but with the amount of stress that is put onto every student through the required courses, a student does not have the mental capacity to put full effort into what they love. It is wack. Honestly that is the best way I can put it, wack. We need a change in our society, soon.


I'm a writer for english in 10th grade with Mr. Schwartz

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Cole Thompson

I'm a writer for english in 10th grade with Mr. Schwartz