what men’s sport is truly the hardest? pt. 3

Hello again everyone and welcome back to me trying to figure out which sport is the hardest. In the first article I said that football is the hardest strategically and in the second I said football is the hardest strength wise so we have a clear leader but we are still going to finish this out. Today is all about technique. The sports I am ranking are going to be football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and golf. Starting with the front runner for hardest sport, we have football. Football is a crazy mix of athleticism, strategy, and technique. You have to have perfect foot work to block a 300 pound defensive tackle who is trying to kill you and your quarterback. As a wide receiver you have to have insane route running to beat your defender and have the timing and catching ability to go up and get the ball. Next we have soccer. In this sport you have to have really high endurance, amazing footwork, and a strong leg to get the ball to your team mate across the field. Soccer I would say is mainly technique based just because of how much practice it takes to perfect your touch and your footwork. The beautiful sport James Naismith created is our next contender. Basketball is a sport which you have to be really athletic and have either a huge body to back guys down or be able to jump insanely high. With all of that, if you don’t have the ability to dribble the ball or make a layup. You have to practice and perfect your shot to be able to have a chance at being good. Let alone your defense and being able to drive in and score the ball. Next is one of our headliners for this topic, baseball. Baseball I would say, is about 70/30 with technique ahead of strength. You can be the strongest person in the room and not even come close to fouling off a pitch. The practice and time it takes to get good at swinging the bat is crazy. Plus as long as it takes to work on hitting, there are people working on their pitching just to make you look stupid. Then you have fielding and throwing which isn’t as difficult to figure out as hitting, but still very technical and challenging. Finally we have golf. This is a sport that is basically all technical. Yeah you have to have strength, but again if you can’t even connect with the ball, the strength won’t matter at all. You have a lot of aspects to consider when you are playing golf, like your driving, chipping, and putting. This all takes years to get good at and is very impressive. So for our final time, here are the rankings for technique in sports. At #5 we have golf. #4 is a very tough choice but I am putting basketball at this spot. #3 is going to be soccer. Finally our #1 spot is going to be … baseball. That leaves football at #2. This means that in my opinion, football is the hardest men's sport to play. Thanks for reading, if you don’t think this is right, I don’t care sucks to suck.



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Cole Thompson

I'm a writer for english in 10th grade with Mr. Schwartz