what men’s sport is truly the hardest? pt. 2

Hello again everyone and welcome to the second part of which men’s sport is truly the hardest? Last time I talked about which sport is the hardest sport strategically? I concluded that football was the hardest to do strategically because of how smart you have to be to play the sport and how you have to, every single play, beat the other team strategically. Today were going to talk about another category the favors football as well. We are talking about strength and athleticism. My top sports for this are boxing, hockey, basketball, baseball and football. This category is completely based on god given talent. We are looking at which sport is hardest completely based on the body and how these insane humans can work. So here we go, first up is boxing. Boxing is as we know a one person sport and along with complete strength, is really a technique based sport, which we will talk about next article. It is crazy how athletic these people are, and how much training they put in. This sport is completely just strength and technique. You have to get in a ring with someone who has put in just as much work as you and honestly wants to kill you, so you have to go in there ready to kill. Based off of strength this sport is going to rank pretty high because of how much effort and training it takes to get your body ready to fight competitively. The next sport we have is hockey. Hockey does not get enough recognition at all. It is one of the most underrated and under appreciated sports of all time. Hockey is arguably the most physical sport out there. The strength you have to have in your legs to speed down the ice and stop on a dime and change a direction is insane. You have to also hit a puck at a crazy high velocity in a perfect spot to make the goal. It will also go pretty high on this list as well. Next sport is basketball. You have more athleticism than almost any other sport. Basketball is also another sport that is really technical and we will talk about this one next article. Basketball is a sport that mainly drives off of speed and jumping high. If you are the fastest person in the room and can jump the highest, you have a chance to be good at basketball. Then there’s also having a good handle and a good shot, which takes a ton of time and practice to get it down. Basketball is a very hard sport to get good at but it doesn’t rely on pure strength, it’s more technique and speed. The next sport on the list is baseball. Baseball again is one of these sports that really relies on the technical ability of the player. But you do need a lot of strength to play and be good at baseball. You have to throw the ball very hard to get the guy out and have the strength to get your bat on the ball and get some power on it as well. Finally we have football. Football is probably the main sport that is very strength based. You have to throw the ball very fast and far, you have to overpower the line to get into the back field to get the tackle, and so much more. Football is an obvious high pick on this list. So finally my list comes down to specifically strength…. basketball, baseball, boxing, hockey, and football at #1. If that’s controversial, sucks to suck. I said what I said.



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I'm a writer for english in 10th grade with Mr. Schwartz