sports culture

This is probably going to be my favorite subject to write about in this series so here we go. Sports. They can break your heart, or give you a reason to get up in the morning. For me specifically, sports have strengthened some of my friendships and helped me connect with people, but on the other hand, they have hurt some of my friendships and made it hard to hangout with certain people. Sports culture as a whole is beautiful. People from all over the world, different religions, different sexualities, different beliefs can connect and become genuine friends because they like the same football team. Over the growth of the internet, sports channels and teams with a social media presence, can become very popular to people that don’t even watch sports. If a team has a funny Instagram page, then some kid who has never even watched that sport can become a fan in a matter of minutes. Back in the day, you liked the closest team to you and you never switched (which is still how it is today but with a few changes). Now that the culture has grown substantially, it has invaded clothes, shoes, drinks, and even advertisements. People see their favorite player on a commercial for a cleaning product, and now they feel an impulse to buy that product just to support their guy. It is really interesting how if a good friend said some player you’ve never even met, was bad at their craft, you would get angry and be mad at your friend over it. Especially in the soccer world, fans would genuinely die for their team. A lot of injuries and murders in South America come from disagreements over a recent match. Here in America it isn’t as bad, but things can still get very heated if people disagree on a sports subject. I believe that sports culture is one of the biggest movements in the past couple of decades and is going to continue to do so in the future.



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Cole Thompson

I'm a writer for english in 10th grade with Mr. Schwartz