how music has changed me



  1. vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Music, so extremely complex yet so simple. A song can take you back in time. A song can make a funeral beautiful. A song is ones way of expressing themselves when they can’t find the words to speak. I believe that music is my way to explore people and the world. How else would I get to connect with someone like Kanye besides music? It is poetry that isn’t extremely boring (sorry poetry fans). The average person has no idea what goes into writing, producing, and recording a song, yet they listen to thousands of songs a year. Before this past year I did not branch out into the vast world of music, but I’m so glad I finally did. It’s crazy how music has been around for centuries and people are coming up with new ways to write and produce it. I personally can’t wait to go on road trips with my kids and play the music from “back in my day,” like my dad has done to me my whole life. I picked up some of his music taste, like 90s rap and r&b, but I have created my own taste as well. I like to think that my music taste is good but some of my friends don’t think the same. I usually like to find a really good song or something that other people and myself like, and play it a lot until I don’t like it anymore. It’s not the best way by any means to listen to music and I think I’m growing out of that with age. I am starting to branch out to things I don’t usually listen to and I find listening and finding to an album or song that I really like one of the best feelings you can have in your life. I listen to music when I am doing homework, doing chores, playing a sport, skateboarding, driving, and just in my regular life. Music has gave me a new perspective on how other people live. On how life is like as a rich man or a poor man. People from all over the world who have nothing to do with each other can talk for hours and become great friends all because of a single song or album that changed their life. I know for a fact I have grown closer with some people in my life over music. It’s really a wonderful thing to have in your life. I recommend to listen to a new artist or album that you usually do today. It really can show you a whole different way of life than you are used to.



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Cole Thompson

I'm a writer for english in 10th grade with Mr. Schwartz